Our Judges

The judges table at Rise Talent Contest has the fan favorite Zuka Zain to assess the dancing techniques of our competitors. Hana Malhas, an acclaimed singer with an angelic voice also joins the judges table to pick the Kingdom's best singer.

The brilliant Jordanian illustrator  Shamekh Al Bluwi is among the  team to judge the art category competitors. Tariq Al Jundi, one of Jordan's most renowned musicians will also be present to pick the Kingdom's next musician.

Dance Category

Prolific popper, Zuka Zain was on his feet from day one. Raised in a family with limited resources, Zuka got to work at an early age on making extra money, as well as perfecting his passion. Zuka is an iconic dancer in Jordan & has competed in many international competitions 

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Singing Category
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Hana is a songstress with a voice that envelops you in velvet nostalgia and intensity. She has a touch of playfulness onstage, performing with either piano or guitar, and uniquely colors words with melodies, leaving you longing and hopeful.

Art Category 

Shamekh Bluwi is a Jordanian illustrator and fashion designer. He gained worldwide popularity after he published sketches of women whose dresses were cut off so that the background is seen, he uses most of this art in his hometown Amman as the background.

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Music Category

Born in Amman in1983, Tareq started his journey with the Oud instrument at the age of 11 when he joined the Jordan Academy for Music. Taught by many Jordanian and Arab Oud Masters, He was awarded a scholarship from the Greater Amman Municipality to complete his BA in music specializing in the Cello at the National Music Conservatory.

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