Our Judges

The judges table at the 2nd edition of Rise Talent Contest had the fan favorite Abd Al Hadi Abu Nahleh to assessed the dancing techniques of our competitors. Hind Hamed, a passionate singer with an angelic voice joined the judges table to pick the Kingdom's best singer.

The brilliant Jordanianartist Raed Ibrahim is among the team to pick Jordan's most talented artist. Jehad Haddad, the founder of the well-known band, Stitch, will also be present to pick the Kingdom's next musician.

Hind Hamed
Singing Category

Hind Hamed is a passionate singer who partakes in various realms of singing, as long as the artistic calling speaks directly to her heart. The Jordanian singer fist discovered her singing capabilities through singing and storytelling for children, and has since performed at concerts and festivals in Jordan and around the globe. 

Admiration to her heartfelt, charismatic singing performances, and her radiant stage presence has naturally led to a string of collaborations with various esteemed musicians in Jordan and abroad.

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Jehad Haddad
Music Category

Jehad is the founder of the well-known band, Stich, with more than 10 years of playing live shows in Amman and Dubai. Stich reached the final stage in the Rolling Stones magazine's Street to Stage competition in the Middle East and GCC. 

Jehad plays the guitar and writes music since he was 17, his style is hybrid of blues and pop, and it reflects in Stich's original songs

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Abd Al Hadi Abu Nahleh
Dance Category

Abd Al Hadi is a choreographer and cultural manager who has completed an international Master's degree in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage in Clemont-Ferrand, France along with other degrees from several other international universities.

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Raed Ibrahim
Art Category 

Raed Ibrahim is an artist and an art educator. His work featured in numerous solo and collective exhibitions in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, Europe, The United States, and other countries. As an educator, Raed Ibrahim lectures at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University of Jordan in Amman, and he is constantly involved in regional and international art programs to formulate arts education and culture.