Rise Talent Contest - 2020 Winners

ill corner_Dance.jpg

Ill Corner group

Dancing Category

Mahmoud, Fadi and Odai  joined together and established their III Corner Group the second they realized the huge amount of talent in each other's break dance, hip hop and modern dancing techniques.  The III Corner Group blew the audience away - along with the jury - with their incredible dance moves to be RISE's dancing category winners for the year of 2020.

Nagham Al-Sowery

Arts Category

Meet Nagham, the 24-year-old artist, who hasn't only been able to inspire countless people with her art while still an arts student at the University of Applied Sciences, but has also participated in several exhibitions across the Kingdom. Nagham won in RISE's Arts category in 2020.


Qusai Melhem

Singing Category

Qusai is a twenty-year-old singer, guitarist, songwriter and composer with a strong passion for music. He studies Audio Production in Saudi Arabia and he dreams of becoming a renowned musician someday. Qusai felt he got closer to that dream the night he won in the singing category in 2020's edition of RISE Talent Contest.

Hussein Al Jahmani

Music Category

Hussein felt that the piano keys made sense to him the second he started practicing without a coach when he was thirteen. He decided to go after his passion and pursue a master’s degree in musical arts. Hussein's performances amazed the audiences and were applauded by the jury to give him the winning spot in RISE's music category in 2020.