Rise Talent Contest - 2019 Winners

Mohammad Musa
Singing Category

From Yemen and studying drama at Yarmouk University in Jordan, his artistic career started in 2017 through composing songs f He received a special honor from the Yemeni ambassador to Jordan, Ali Al-Amrani. He sang in many forums and on radio stations. He is working on producing new and different music.

Saleem Asfour
Dancing Category

A Jordanian young man with a passion for dance, self taught, with a diploma in Cinema and Television, he combined his love for puppets, dance and visual effects to give a unique performance.

Jana Mahadeen
Music Category

A Jordanian young woman, who is very passionate about music, self taught piano lover. Started learning using only piano simulators via mobile application and after that she bought her own Keyboard

Rama Al Farkh
Art Category

A young Jordanian with a BA degree in Physics, she found her passion and talent in arts. She is a member of the association of Jordanian Plastic and the general union of Palestinian Artists. She dabbles in different forms of art with a very unique style.